Cold cuts with less calories: here is the ranking


Cured meats are often an excellent quick solution for dining or having lunch on the fly, but they are not always suitable for those on a diet or looking to follow a healthy and balanced diet. Precisely for this reason, deciding to eliminate cured meats from our diet is one of the most difficult challenges for those on a diet. In this article we will go to see which are the leanest meats, which can also be eaten during a low-calorie or low-sodium diet and which are the cured meats that must absolutely be avoided.

What are lean meats

Lean cold cuts are those sausages that contain less salts and fats than the classic salami with a high lipidic impact. In fact, the problem with sausages is precisely their high sodium and salt content, necessary for preparation and storage, without forgetting the abundant presence of food preservatives, which can have a negative impact on the diet. This is why, however, cold cuts without nitrites and nitrates should always be preferred. Cold meats in general are not recommended as part of a low-calorie diet, however there are some lean meats that can be consumed as they are less fat and with a lower salt content. It being understood that it is still cured meats and therefore should not be consumed more than once a week.

The ranking of lean meats

A little bit of everything is included in a balanced diet, so also cold cuts can be added. As already mentioned, you should never exceed the consumption of cold cuts and always prefer the leaner varieties, however there is a positive aspect: cold cuts usually contain a good dose of vitamins and of mineral salts such as iron and zinc. Here is the Ranking of the leanest meats:

  1. Chicken or turkey: they are the leanest, with sunshine About 100 kcal / 100g.
  2. Bresaola: very light and low in calories, it is the only one obtained from beef. Contains only 151 kcal / 100g.
  3. Lean cooked ham: this variant of cooked ham brings the calories down to the same level as the bresaola.
  4. Baked ham: light and digestible, the most suitable for children. The pork legs are first boned, then subjected to brine and seasoning with spices and herbs and finally cooked slowly, at 75 °. Contain approx 215 kcal / 100 g.
  5. Raw ham: little fat, but very salty. It is one of the most prestigious and appreciated in the world. The legs are treated with salt and left to mature for 8-16 months. Its caloric intake is almost identical to cooked ham 240 kcal / 100 g.
  6. Mortadella: tasty and enriched with pistachios in the most refined versions, it contains approx 320 kcal / 100g.
  7. Hungarian salami: definitely the most calorie, with more than 400 kcal / 100g.

Cold cuts not to be eaten during a diet

The three lean meats par excellence are therefore: cooked or raw ham and bresaola. We have not indicated those based on poultry or turkey since these salami are low in protein and high in sugar and for this reason their consumption should be severely limited, even when you are not trying to lose weight. As for other cured meats that are not included in the meats, we find: the various salami, coppa, pancetta, mortadella, pork shoulder, lard of colonnata, etc. These cured meats are very rich in saturated fat and for this reason they should not be eaten during a diet.

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