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Xbox Store is about to receive a big one updating, code name Mercury, which could redesign the site in view of the launch of the game streaming platform Project xCloud.

L’update seems to have been around for some time among the members of the Xbox Insider program and seems to imply a complete redesign of the store for 4K televisions and use with both new consoles, including the much talked about Xbox Lockhart, which could be announced with the price of the Xbox Series X, which the current models.

According to what has been possible to see so far, the app is visually very similar to the current one, but probably the most important changes are “under the hood” and could add more as soon as the official release will be made.

Curiously, the Mercury update is already present on the Microsoft Store, but selecting it the download fails and it is therefore not possible to install it. In short, we will have to wait a little longer to understand how things are.

As reported in our trial, Project xCloud looks like a really interesting and promising service.

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