Closed the investigation on Bibbiano, asked for 24 indictments. There is also the mayor Andrea Carletti – La Stampa


BOLOGNA. After a thousand political controversies, the so-called Bibbiano story returns to the bed of the judicial investigation. The public prosecutor of Reggio Emilia has asked for 24 individuals to be brought to trial in the context of the Angels and Demons investigation into illegal custody in the Val D’Enza. The public prosecution cited 155 witnesses, 48 ​​offended parties including the Union of Municipalities Val d’Enza, the Municipalities of GAttatico and Montecchio, the Ministry of Justice and the Emilia Romagna Region.

Among the defendants are Federica Anghinolfi, former head of social services of the Val d’Enza Union, the psychotherapist Nadia Bolognini and her husband Claudio Foti of the non-profit organization Hansel & Gretel. Also present was the mayor of Bibbiano, Andrea Carletti. The crimes contested in the investigation are, for various reasons, embezzlement of use, abuse of office, violence or threat to a public official, false expertise also through the deception of others, procedural fraud, misdirection, secret revelations in criminal proceedings, ideological falsehood in public deed, mistreatment in the family, private violence, extremely serious malicious injury, aggravated fraud for obtaining public funds.

Acts of the false reports to deceive the judges and provoke the removal of children from their natural families, minors subjected to “brainwashing” and convinced that they are also victims of sexual abuse. And also a group chat which shows that the gifts and letters of the natural parents, delivered to the Social Service of the Val d’Enza, have never been sent to the children in foster care.

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