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The numerous gaffes were not enough, Pasquale Tridico now he is also insulting the entrepreneurs. The president of INPS, engaged in an interview with Republic, goes beyond indecency by stating that many traders do not reopen their activities, after the coronavirus emergency, out of laziness, due to opportunism. Not only that, for Tridico in some sectors there may also be entrepreneurs who do not face the difficulties of reopening “so much is the state” that pays 80 percent of the paycheck, “now just write Covid and we pay, without controls, without bureaucracy, without unions “. Ah yes? Too bad there are still 419 thousand requests for aid foreseen by the State to deal with the emergency situation still waiting to be liquidated.” They seem many – he immediately puts his hands forward -, and I understand that it is a big problem for the workers, but we received the SR41 (document that allows payment) in the last week of May “.

The commitment of INPS is to settle all payments by Friday 12 Juneon the other hand, his men “are extraordinary workers who are bending over backwards to give everyone an answer. Ours worked on Easter, April 25, May 1, they suffered threats, insults. It is not fair, l Italy must be proud of them, not least because the ICG, 90 per cent, has been paid out “.

Phrases that did not go to genius – euphemism – to the center-right: “The ineffable President Tridico, instead of apologizing for the delays of the INPS and thanking the entrepreneurs who anticipated 80 percent of the layoffs, not only does not no self-criticism, but it even goes so far as to target companies that have difficulty restarting, accusing them of laziness and opportunism. An unheard of insult to those who find themselves without customers, without the aid promised by the State, with layoffs blocked, with the short cover of a layoff that leaves the summer months uncovered and, even more seriously, with the usurers and the jackals at the gates who propose to sell off the company built in a working life. Tridico is a perfect supporting actor of Conte: he swells his chest and masks reality with vainglory “, the president of the Forza Italia senators immediately thundered, Anna Maria Bernini.

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