Clementi: “Zangrillo is right, the Coronavirus has weakened!”


MILAN – Massimo Clementi, professor of Microbiology and Virology at the San Raffaele University of Milan, subscribes to the statements of Alberto Zangrillo, director of intensive care of San Raffaele himself, who a few days ago spoke of “Coronavirus clinically disappeared” in Italy. Zangrillo’s belief is based precisely on a study by Professor Clementi: “There are the data, the numbers, it’s all written, all demonstrated – underlines Clementi, responding to the controversy exploded for the colleague’s statements – whoever wants to question it must bear the burden of finding a mistake in my work. And he won’t find it“.

Less aggressive coronavirus

Clementi explains in detail what she discovered in an interview with TPI: “I took one hundred patients from the first phase of the epidemic and compared them to one hundred patients from the second phase. They were a hundred infected in the first half March and one hundred of the second of May: cases of which I also knew everything, because I knew their clinical history. After making up these two sets of homogeneous samples I compared them“. And so he discovered the minor virulence of Coronavirus: “If an index of 70 thousand is found in a swab of the first group, it was around 700 in the second stratospheric difference“. “From the beginning of May, our patients no longer came with serious symptoms – the words of the professor – to survive, the virus does not have to kill its host. The change for now is in the intensity, but has not yet happened on the genetic level. However, the virus decreases the viral load to adapt to the host“.


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