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Appointment in front of the barred gates of the school so as not to miss the ritual of the year-end class photo. It is in this spirit that the pupils of the IV B of the primary school ‘Cesare Battisti’ in Rome met yesterday evening, in front of the historic institute in the heart of Garbatella.

Since the first year of school, that photo has never been lacking because of the will, above all, of those who take them: Giulio D’Adamo, photographer of the UN World Food Program and father of one of the students, is used to capturing the faces of the children of the most troubled areas in need of solidarity in the world, from Burundi to South Sudan. And this year, solidarity with the little ones convinced all the families to introduce themselves.

“My mother – says D’Adamo – keeps the folders with my photos from school times, and every now and then it concerns them. And I too leaf through them with pleasure. That of the year-end photo – he continues – is a custom that over the years has gone a little out of use. I think it is beautiful, and I like that my daughter can renew the memory of these years when she grows up. ”

A message about the class chat full of links for the video lessons by the class representative, Maria Elena Graziani, was enough that the idea of ​​not losing the traditional shot prompted her. At 7pm, on time, the children arrived in front of the locked gates. With them, also the Italian teacher, Concita Guastella.

Distant and wearing masks, they instinctively smiled with their eyes, unable to show faces. Disciplined as happy, proud in front of their school where sometimes, in the morning, they mumbled to enter. With the uncertainty, now, of knowing when and how it will reopen. And this too they understood very well. Then, everyone in the square playing to chase each other. Like when school really ends.

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