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Not wanting to stop at the continuous empirical facts – which continue to come to light, even in these days of international mobilization against racism, and which demonstrate the sense of absolute impunity for which a policeman can, for the most futile reasons, kill a young African American , as an emblem of the “dangerous classes” – it is necessary go back to the concept of this apparently gratuitous violence.

The apparent gratuitousness of these continuous and repeated acts of violence are so much the basis of the great international mobilization afterwards the assassination of Floyd, as for the basis of the inability to react to new cases, which constantly come to light, always characterized by the most evident disproportion between the acts carried out by the victims and the attackers’ reaction. It is precisely this shameless gratuitousness that displaces and in some way disarms the international protest movement against racism. So much so that in the United Kingdom, after two weeks of international anti-racist demonstrations, the forces of thefar right chauvinist. At the center of the dispute – symbolically represented by the statues that arose to celebrate the glories of colonialism – there is, rightly, what constitutes thestructural origin of this blind racist violence who continues to claim innocent victims, that is, colonialism as the foundation and origin, at the same time, of the original accumulation of capital, which produced neo-slavery in the colonial world and the modern proletariat in civil Europe.

So, wanting to go back to the underlying causes that make the frightening persecution on the part of the apparently free repressive state apparatus of whom constitutes the prototype of the dangerous classes – from oppression and exploitation from which the wealth of capitalist nations originates – necessarily, reconstruct its history.

At the origins lie the repressive apparatus set up by British liberals to repress the Irish people in the most violent way, as British colonialism was so predatory as to leave it to Irish Catholics exclusively their chains. Robert Peel will be inspired by this model to create an analogous repressive tool at home, aimed at repressing the nascent modern proletariat – generated precisely with capitalist accumulation through the colony depredation – who was in the identical situation of having nothing more to lose than their chains. As such, the modern proletariat he was considered in and of himself a dangerous class, indeed potentially subversive already from Hegel, just because he didn’t have nothing to gain from the development of bourgeois civil society, of which he was therefore the most threatening enemy. On this basis, the police arose in the realm of liberalism, which in turn will serve as a model for the police forces with which the United States of America will first equip themselves, where for the first time the modern democracy and where the most fervent English Christians had found refuge.

Moreover, taking up the original ancient model, this democracy was also one democracy for slave owners from the south, who had to find a way of living with the liberal industrial masters of the north, who exercised their despotic dominance over the entire workplace industrial armies, constantly replenished by the arrival of unemployed emigrants. These two forces, which gave birth to liberal-democratic model which is now dominant internationally, they were united by colonialism, which will make the United States a great liberal and Christian power through the systematic genocide of the indigenous population. On these grounds the British repressive system has been imported into Use with the same goals, or the strenuous defense of the owners and properties of the people of the lords and the repression of all the “dangerous classes”, composed first by the natives, second by the African Americans, third by the most recent immigrants, first Catholic, then Chinese. Sheriffs imported from the British system are in charge of defending them huge privileges accumulated by the people of lords, thanks to the genocide of the Amerindians, the enslavement of Africans and the wild exploitation of the most recent immigrants, especially if they did not share the Christian fanaticism of the older settlers.

Therefore, as indeed in all liberal democracies, the repressive apparatuses of the bourgeois state they are functional to the defense at all costs of the great properties of the oligarchs through the preventive and generalized repression of the dangerous classes, as they had every interest in calling into question the enormous, irrational and unjust privileges of the dominant class. With the great advantage that, in the United States, exponents of the dangerous classes are more easily identified, being primarily the Amerindians, secondly the slaves or former African American slaves, thirdly the most recent immigrants, first from southern Europe, then from Asia and, in particular, from China and today, mainly from Latin America.

So still in our day individuals most frequently stopped at subjects of violence of all kinds natives are primarily the repressive apparatuses of the state. Followed immediately after by the descendants of black slaves and, thirdly, the most recent and poorest immigrants, or the Latinos. Thus, even today that, the second group, African Americans, after decades of hard struggles, have conquered the same formal rights as the people of the lords, the latter have reacted with the reconstruction of working houses, i.e. liberal ancestors of concentration camps for the dangerous classes, further perfected in the colonial era. So the United States, mainly through the criminalization of drug addicts – artfully created with the diffusion of narcotic substances, first used to maintain dominion over proletarians in uniform during the imperialist aggression in Indochina, and then systematically spread in the African American ghettos to quell its rebellion – they became the most scary concentrationary universe of the world, on strictly class and racist grounds, with an enormous quantity of labor in a semi-servile state available to private owners of the same prisons.

So the police in all capitalist countries continue to perform the function for which it arose and was in fact trained, namely to defend the increasingly monopolistic private acquisition of the wealth increasingly produced international division and cooperation of labor, through the preventive repression of the dangerous classes, exploiting for these purposes racist anti-scientific prejudices.

It is not, therefore, a specific problem of the United States alone, even if in this country the phenomenon manifests itself in the purest way, also because it is the country in which the most evident and clear is the bourgeoisie dictatorship. As for another, it has also been seen on the occasion of the virus, in which the “most dangerous” classes, native, African American and more recent immigrants have had mortality rates significantly higher than those of the Caucasian population. In the first place as they constitute the largest component of that sub-proletariat or working poor proletariat who cannot afford to stay in quarantine and demand minimum safety standards in the workplace. Secondly because the Indian reserves, the black ghettos and the areas inhabited by the most recent immigrants are also the most polluted areas and where most of all toxic waste has been buried.

For other similar problems, albeit on a smaller scale, have occurred in the United Kingdom of Great Britain. Here too, for example, the part clearly most affected by the pandemic is the Afro-descendant population, which is also the most persecuted by the repressive apparatuses of the state. Similar situation of preventive repression by state repressive apparatuses, also fomented here by the usual racist prejudices, occurs in the suburbs French inhabited mainly by the descendants of colonized peoples. The French situation is aggravated by the fact that the colonial assimilationist politics, which has always been dominant in France, prevents the creation of statistics differentiated by ethnic groups. Thus there is no striking data which is instead fully verifiable in the United States and Great Britain.

As for racism and preventive repression of dangerous “classes”, the repressive apparatuses of the German or Italian state are no less. As seen in particular in the repression of immigrants more poor and recent. Even in these cases the situation is aggravated by the fact that the right-thinking people are full of class and racist prejudices, so they tend to have aapologetic attitude for the repressive apparatuses of the State, precisely for the preventive repression function that it performs in the comparisons of potentially “dangerous” classes.

Certainly things are not going any better in Eastern European countries, where counter-revolutionary forces have prevailed in recent years. The preventive repression carried out by the repressive apparatuses of the State against the poorer immigrants or Roma, reaches unprecedented levels of cruelty in countries that are often ruled by animatedly anti-communist right-wing forces, such as Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary or Ukraine, to name only the most striking cases.

On the other hand, countries with stronger liberal-democratic and social-democratic traditions such as, in the first place, Austria, Holland and the Scandinavian countries themselves are less immune to these phenomena. In all these countries, racist and xenophobic forces have been growing for years and repression against the classes, often racistically identified, considered to be more dangerous.

Things are certainly not better either in Canada or Oceania, where there has also been a genocide of the natives and a stage of constant repression of the survivors. Much less in Israel where even more violent and racist is the activity of the repressive apparatuses of the state, in particular towards the Palestinians, but also towards immigrants, especially Africans, and the autochthonous Jews themselves. Equally frightening is the preventive repression of the dangerous classes in the “moderate” Arab countries, which have always been allies of the imperialist countries. From Lebanon to the petro-monarchies of the Persian Gulf there is a frightening repression of immigrants, reduced to a state of semi-slavery, completely dependent on their job owners as regards the same documents.

The situation is certainly not better in the capitalist countries of Asia, from Japan to South Korea, from Singapore to Taiwan.

The same holds true for the BRICS countries, in particular where the right-wing and pro-capitalist forces have conquered the government. The racism of the Brazilian government towards natives and Afro descendants and, more generally, towards all the “dangerous classes” of the favelas is particularly bloody, as indeed that of the Indian government towards the Muslim minority or the lower castes. Not to mention South Africa where the wealth continues to be concentrated in the pockets of the descendants of the colonialists and racism and preventive repression against immigrants even poorer than the neighboring countries is growing, although there is a progressive government in this country.

Not to mention, finally, the same African or Central American countries pro-capitalist and pro-imperialist, in which racial or class repression often reaches frightening levels, even if the class-racism of the ruling classes in European countries is so wide , which are no longer news. Unless they are functional to orchestrate some form of (counter-) colored revolution.

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Credits: John Heartfield, Krieg und Leichen – Die letzte Hoffnung der Reichen, 1932

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