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The lunge of Beppe Grillo this time is sensational, the founder of the 5Stelle returns to take care of his creature and does it to mock the other enfant prodige M5s, the “rebel” Alessandro Di Battista who has never made a reason for the government together to the Pd. The former MP yesterday in transmission by Lucia Annunziata, launched a real torpedo to the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, asking for a congress of the movement that would inevitably make the government dance and challenge the premier to run if he wants to take over the leadership of the Movement. “Join M5s and congress and bring your line.” A lunge that Grillo doesn’t like, since last summer supporter of the agreement with the Democratic Party.

At the beginning of the interview Di Battista, as an experienced politician, begins with a reassuring “I have confidence in the Prime Minister, he must not fear picks on my part”. But as per the manual of political communication, the initial stretched hand is followed by heavy words. “Right now the government needs to be supported, the best way to support it is to goad the M5s and get it strengthened.” So, the attack: “The M5s must organize a congress, a constituent assembly. I formally ask for an assembly as soon as possible in which all souls can build their own agenda and we will see who will win ».

The deputy secretary of the Democratic Party Andrea Orlando comments with perfidy. «If I understand correctly – Orlando writes on Twitter – Di Battista has just told Conte to stay calm …». As you know, “stay calm” was the mocking phrase with which Matteo Renzi replied to Enrico Letta, worried about the stability of his government.

But it is not only Orlando who read Di Battista’s release in this way. The slap to the 5 star pasdaran comes from Grillo himself, on twitter. «After Pappalardo’s terrapiattisti and orange vests, I thought I had seen everything … But here is the constituent assembly of the souls of the Movement. There are people who have a sense of time like in the movie “Groundhog Day” ». An unprecedented direct attack, never so far a clash between the M5s leaders had staged publicly in this way.

Grillo knows well that, beyond Di Battista’s usual reassurances, asking for a congress means questioning the government, the alliance with the Democratic Party, the line followed in the last year. A project that for the “high” must be nipped in the bud, because it would only lead to the split and – in fact – to thethe end of the Movement. Just read the comment by Osvaldo Napoli, Fi, which opens up a dialogue with the 5 stars on condition that Di Battista’s line is put aside: “It will then be possible to open a clear and fair political confrontation”. And Matteo Renzi: “You can’t think that I trust you with Di Battista.” All this while Luigi Di Maio makes it known that he is now working “in perfect synergy with Dario Franceschini”. The big-bang risk for M5s becomes concrete and Grillo wants to avoid it.

The answer to the founder still arrives via social network, on Instagram Di Battista he writes: «I made proposals and made clear positions. You can legitimately disagree. Let it be said clearly, explaining the phy “. And then, «I’m not interested in roles and armchairs. I’m just working, as a citizen, on proposals on proposals ».

At the end of the day he makes himself heardthat Vito Crimi, the political leader who tries to calm the mind asking “compactness and unity of purpose” because M5s “must remain focused on a mission: to face the epochal crisis we are going through”. Unthinkable scenes up to some youma little while ago.

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