Ciri and Geralt in the new and beautiful 4K wallpaper


During the afternoon, a new and interesting The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt themed high resolution wallpaper appeared on the official social channels of CD Projekt RED, which allows you to customize your smartphone or the desktop of your PC with the faces of the protagonists of the game.

In the image we see the inevitable in the center Geralt of Rivia and on the sides both the main villains of the title and the most loyal allies of the Strigo, that is Ciri, Triss is Yennefer.

To satisfy all users, the Polish development team has decided to publish the image in seven different formats, so as to allow players who want to use the image on tablets and smartphones and those with a panel with an aspect ratio of 16: 10 to use the wallpaper without altering the proportions of the drawing.

Here are all the resolutions in which the image is available:

  • 1080×1920 (for smartphones)
  • 1600×900
  • 1900×1200
  • 1920×1080
  • 2560×1600
  • 3440×1440
  • 3840×2160

To proceed with the download of the wallpaper in the resolution that best suits you, all you have to do is select it through the official tweet that you find at the bottom of the news.

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