Cig for 2020 and stop to layoffs, close the Pd-M5s agreement


A coronavirus vaccine may not give flock immunity to the United States if a large number of people, as it seems, refuse to get vaccinated: said Anthony Fauci, the authoritative immunologist of the US task force against voris, during of an interview with CNN. Fauci would “settle” for a 70-75% effective vaccine, but if this incomplete degree of protection is added to the fact that many Americans have no intention of getting vaccinated – he explained – in the US it will be difficult to achieve levels of immunity sufficient to tame the pandemic. As is known, clinical trials of the three vaccines currently being studied in the country with government support will begin in the next three months. “The best result we ever achieved was” with the measles vaccine, “which is 97-98% effective,” explained Fauci, who is director of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases: “It would be amazing. if we got to that point, but I don’t think we will get there. I would settle for a 70-75% effective vaccine, “he added.

According to a survey conducted by CNN last month, a third of Americans have no plans to get vaccinated, even though the vaccine will be available at low cost. For this reason, Fauci considers it “unlikely” that a 70-75% effective vaccine administered to only two thirds of the population will give the country immunity against the new coronavirus

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