“Church, totally different scenario. And there is something new”


Now the ’97 class can even extend his contract with Fiorentina

Between Federico Chiesa and Gaetano Castrovilli, Rocco Commisso has chosen: the second is the unbelievable. The former, however, held back by force last summer, can leave Florence, as long as the economic demand is met. But, as Corriere Fiorentino writes, his departure no longer seems as certain as a few weeks ago: “Now, the scenario is totally different. There is an agreement between gentlemen and relationships are characterized by serenity. An agreement that (precisely) establishes that, in the event of a request for transfer, Fiorentina will say that it is ready to go along with it.

On one condition: that there is a team willing to pay the amount set by the viola: 60 million. Or so. To date, however, Chiesa has not asked to be sold. Just as he did not communicate his intention to renew the contract. The novelty, after a long silence, is that the discussion has restarted. In fact, in the last few days there have been new contacts with dad Enrico, and over the next few weeks (maybe when Commisso will be able to return to Italy) it will get to the heart.



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