Chronicles of Naples – Everton on Allan, the first official offer is ready. Pact between the Brazilian and De Laurentiis


Allan, Napoli midfielder

Transfer market – Allan towards the Premier League, there is Everton

Naples transfer market – L’Everton by Carlo Ancelotti is serious about Allan. The English club, in fact, is ready to submit to Naples the first official offer for the Brazilian midfielder: 30 million euros. Chronicles of Naples talks about it:

“For the Brazilian, an engagement of 6 million per season plus bonus is ready. Allan is on the margins of the project and Gattuso will not oppose his transfer. In addition, there is a pact between De Laurentiis and the player: the patron will not pull too much the rope on the price, the player will accept a welcome arrangement. Impossible to ask the 70 million ‘shot’ at the PSG in 2019, the pandemic has lowered the prices. Moral: to 40 million, the sale could take place with mutual satisfaction “

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