Chirico: ‘Juve, Kulusevski immediately in Turin. Faggiano wants it until August, but in January he did everything to block it ‘


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In this period many people are wondering: from next June 30th, the natural expiry of all the SerieA contracts, where will Dejan Kulusevski play? Still with Parma, where did he end up on loan via Atalanta, or to Juventus, the exclusive owner of the player’s card starting from that date?

We de IlBiancoNero,We have it also asked our users through a survey, which gave these results: over 60% would like it immediately in black and white, the remaining 40% would let him finish the season at Parma.That Parma who, last January, refused to deprive himself of the player (we specify: not owned by him) and would still like to keep him until the end of the season. Because, is the reasoning made by the DS of the ducals Daniele Faggiano, “it is true that we have the player on loan, but if the championship is not finished he must continue to remain a Parma player”. According to which standard?

FIFA regulations generally establish that contracts run from the membership date until the end of the season. Having been the one in progress extended to 20 August, Parma therefore believes that Kulusevski can be held until that date. Recently, however, due to Covid’s emergency and consequent distortion of the calendars, FIFA has limited itself to proposing to the individual associations an extension of the contractual deadlines until the new end of the season.

The FIGC, with President Gravina, had announced a resolution to that effect, but to date there is no trace. Even if he had drawn guidelines, he could not have entered the private negotiation between the parties, in this case Atalanta, Parma and Juventus. The former gave away the player’s card to Juve outright, having then loaned it to Parma, the latter believes he can keep Kulusevski until 20 August. In order to do so, however, he should find an agreement with Juve, and not take everything for granted as Faggiano thinks. He who, in January, blocked the passage of the Swede to Juventus by asserting his rights on the loan. Which will expire on June 30th.
If Paratici decided to take the player, there would be no quibble of FIFA regulations to appeal to. Because the International Federation has limited itself to “proposing” an extension to individual contracts, it has not imposed it. She can’t do it, neither can the FIGC.

Juventus’ intentions therefore remain to be understood: will he want to do Parma a pleasure, for a pure gentleman agreement, or will he give a good manners and behave as Faggiano did last January, asserting his right of property? Even just to ward off possible injuries to the player, and perhaps not to find himself in September with a new purchase already stopped in the pits. It is true that Juve could not use Kulusevski until the beginning of next season, however, but it would not endanger his physical health.

Among other things, the insurance policies stipulated by the individual players with the agencies expire automatically on 30 June, and the player should renegotiate it. For heaven’s sake, the Swabian-Macedonian could also renew it to continue playing, but it is a decision that he cannot take alone but together with the new owner of his card. And not with Parma, which has never been.
Personally, I am with 60% of IlBiancoNero users. Why risk it? And above all, why do Faggiano a pleasure who has been careful not to make it to Juventus last January? Here in Piedmont (and not only here, it seems to me) we say “who makes it, wait for it”.

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