China, the new study: “The new outbreak’s coronavirus came from Europe”


With great rapidity Chinese scientists have Covid-19 genome decoded which sparked the Beijing outbreak (brought under control in an exact week). Genome data have been communicated to WHO and the Chinese press points out that they prove the European origin of this new epidemic outbreak identified in the fruit, vegetable, meat and above all fish market in Xinfadi which supplies 90% of the capital. Another important development: this “European strain coronavirus” it would be older than what is currently circulating in EuropeChinese researchers say, and therefore he would arrive and settle in the Beijing market for some time before he was discovered.

The authorities’ narrative tends to show that the epidemic has been brought under control in China is that coronavirus is now only “imported” (then exported from that West which in February accused the Chinese of having spread it around the world, after underestimating it and hiding it in Wuhan). Six months have passed, more than 400 thousand people have died in the world and instead of forming a global coalition to defeat the pandemic, the dominant virus has become the suspect, the lack of scientific clarity, the disinformation.

In carpet inspections in the Xinfadi area (as large as 160 football fields) 40 tracks of Covid-19 and others out of the market were detected, within a radius of 2 kilometers. However, the most suggestive and useful one for propaganda was the trace found in an isolated sample in the salmon area.

This morning the Beijing press writes that it has been done the “tampon in the throat” also to a salmon, positive result. (The Global Times who rides health neonationalism tweeted him with satisfaction). In recent days, the Chinese have placed great emphasis on a detection of coronavirus on the axis used to dissect imported salmon into the market. A phobia arose in Beijing, where fish was collected from supermarkets. Norway, exporter of the fish product, protested; international virologists said that salmon and food generally do not carry the infection but that the coronavirus passes between humans; in the end, even Chinese epidemiologists admitted that finding those traces in the salmon processing area did not prove how they got there.

But to make a mistake, the salmon swab has now been done by experts from the Beijing Disease Control Center. In this game of clues and speculations, Chinese authorities say they are certain of the foreign origin of the coronavirus that has put Beijing in a semi lockdown for a week, but warn that further investigation is needed. Explains Dr. Liu Jun, of the National Viral Prevention Center: if the consignment of salmon arrived sealed and frozen from Europe, Covid-19 may have traveled with those cases. If, however, in Xinfadi it had been opened for processing, it may have been contaminated by a market operator, with a simple cough or a sneeze. Prudently, in order not to deny the official narrative, the researcher does not say in which of the two conditions the salmon subjected to buffer was found: frozen or at room temperature?

The certainly positive fact is that even today in Beijing the number of infected people is low: 25. The Xintadi outbreak has caused 183 cases since 11 June. The Beijing Fortress resisted the onslaught of “Invisible enemy”.

June 19, 2020 (change June 19, 2020 | 09:41)


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