China, six players violate the rules for coronavirus: shock suspension


Chinese international retired (Getty Images)

The Chinese Football Federation has taken very severe measures against some young players who violated the anti-coronavirus rules

The health alert due to the spread of coronavirus in the world is still far from being able to declare it ended. However, everyone is trying to return to normal. And this also included football, which also in China is restarted with the necessary security measures. Even if, in any case, there are those who ignore these restrictions. This was the case with six players from the Chinese national team Under 19, so the Football Federation has taken very strict measures.

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Chinese players in retreat
Chinese international retired (Getty Images)

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China, six players suspended for six months and banned from the national team

There Chinese Football Federation organized a retreat behind closed doors in Shanghai, from May 17 to June 6, in which they participated 35 players dell ‘Under 19. Six of them, however, on May 30th Tao Qianglong, Liu Zhurun, Peng Hao, Ren Lihao, Han Dong is He Longhai they all left the sports center to go for a drink together. Obviously without permission and therefore violating the rules against contagion. There Chinese Football Association has released a statement in which it announced the measures against these six boys, or the suspension from matches for six months, from 1 June to 30 November 2020. “This is a serious violation of the epidemic control rules and has caused negative effects on the whole team,” reads the official note. Not only that, because the six players in question they can no longer be called up by any national selection in China, from youth to first team. Waiting to receive sanctions also from the respective clubs.

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