Chiellini exclusive: “I have Ibrahimovic in my heart”


And then marco tight Chiellini. In this spring of paradoxes and contradictions everything is possible, even if Friday night is played Juve-Milan behind closed doors and the next day reopen Gardaland: let’s assemble like this – in five thousand – without shame. Giorgio shows a strength and self-awareness equal to the apparent simplicity of his language. Every now and then he slips an English word, fault or merit of the Master in Business Administration ( ‘since I was a teenager I had a steady thinking about graduation»).

Ready for something unusual? An interview in which you speak well of everyone.

But I always speak well of everyone. In fact, I’m telling the truth».

You have written a book from which pearls that are not always appreciated are extracted every day.

You are journalists … (smiles). Do you think my initial fear was that it would come out flat, a flat book. Many times one writes to be polite. I kept the doubt even after I finished and reread it».

You were wrong. Why did you decide to do it in your career?

Because when it ends you know that …»

… who no longer considers you anyone?

The ideal would have been a nap before the end, that was the right moment. I have to be honest, we had basically closed the book last summer and should have been out on Christmas. Then there was the accident. So we moved on to Easter, to have a beginning and an end injury. The covid got in the way and we arrived in May». […]

Who is the opponent who has made the best use of your weaknesses?

Cristiano made me a streak of goals, but what entered my heart is Ibra. We were companions, at the beginning, I was very young and I always tried to compare myself with him, I followed him everywhere, also to accredit myself in the eyes of my companions and the coach. Accepting one-on-one with Ibra meant earning respect. I never pulled back and from every challenge with him I came out stronger and more convinced, he brought out the best. I admire him a lot».

Read the full interview on the Corriere dello Sport-Stadio edition on newsstands today

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