Chiariello: “Mertens at Rivera, Insigne raced like Del Piero! Read Reina’s tweet?”


The journalist Umberto Chiariello, who spoke on the microphones of Canale 21, expressed some considerations on the Neapolitan club.

Umberto Chiariello, sports journalist and radio host, has made some statements to the microphones of Campania Sport, broadcast broadcast of in-depth analysis on hot topics in the Neapolitan house – and not only – broadcast on the frequencies of Channel 21. We offer you an extract of his considerations relating to the blue club: I don’t want to be blasphemous, but Dries Mertens’ goal against Inter recalled Antonio Careca’s goal on Diego Armando Maradona’s assist against Stuttgart: a comparison, this one, also noticed by some fans on the web “.

Chiariello then added: “David Ospina was the protagonist on the goal with a great assist to Lorenzo Insigne. Pepe Riena made launches that reminded that of Ospina. Just Reina, yesterday, wrote a praise tweet, underlining the great parade of the Colombian and the launch with which the Colombian extreme defender has triggered Lorenzo Insigne. Insigne who starts from afar and makes a run like that of Alessandro del Piero against Germany in the 2006 World Cup. Mertens scored a moving penalty like Gianni Rivera. Insigne’s oriented control, however, it was magnificent. “

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