Chiariello: “Boniek recommended it and Giuntoli fell in love with it! He has physical strength and a polite foot”


Umberto Chiariello, in his speech at Canale 21, took stock of the Neapolitan team’s outgoing market.

Umberto Chiariello, journalist, spoke on Canale 21, during the Super Sport television broadcast, taking stock of the market situation of the Neapolitan club in view of the next Napoli summer transfer campaign: Thanks to the good wishes of the prosecutor of Elmas, Napoli is negotiating with the Legia on the basis of 7 million for Michal Karbownik. Initially the offer was 4 million, then the Italian company rose to 7, a quotation with which it seems that the agreement can be closed “.

Chiariello then added: “With the agency that manages the full back there are no problems. Karbownik is the owner of the Under 19 National Team, he is a nice left-handed of medium size, he has good physical strength and a polite foot. Boniek recommended him in Giuntoli himself. Giuntoli he is in love with this talent. There is a very important advantage: he is an Under and would not take anyone’s place and would allow Ghoulam to have one last chance since Napoli cannot sell him, after two years of stop, he does not take it nobody”.

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