Chiara and Fedez photo in the Sistine chapel: controversy breaks out


The photos that the Ferragnez took inside the Vatican Museums and in particular in the Sistine Chapel have outraged the web: prohibited for everyone but not for the influencer and rapper.

Not only ecstatic followers from the shots that Chiara Ferragni and her husband Fedez they posted on Instagram, but it also rained controversy and criticism.

Chiara and Fedez on vacation to introduce Italian beauties


THE Ferragnez continue theirs tour of the natural and artistic beauties in Italy. He had announced it Chiara on Instagram with a video explaining that the couple, also to help tourism in Italy after the problems related to the health emergency from COVID-19, would have gone in holiday strictly in Italy, documenting everything: one promotion, in short, for the places visited.

After the Cinque Terre i Ferragnez in Rome

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Chiara Ferragni Fedez

The weekend spent at Five lands he left behind many photos, many videos and some controversy with a dinner booked by the Ferragnez which it is Missed the last moment after the famous party she saw that there were many waiting for her fan ready to shoot selfie or for an autograph. Then i Ferragnez they went to Roma and precisely ai Vatican museums, but first they posted about Instagram photos in front of the Colosseum, in the restaurant and in St. Peter’s Square, the latter desert: all for them …

Chiara and Fedez ecstatic in front of the beauties of Rome


Chiara Ferragni from behind in the Geographic maps gallery and in the Sistine chapel dwhere photography is prohibited. It’s still Chiara and Fedez embraced, she dressed in white, he with pants and t-shirts of the same color, “Armed” with masks looking at the vault of the Sistine chapel: ecstatic in front of so much beauty…

The Ferragnez shots, the anger of the followers: “Photos are prohibited …”

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But taking pictures in the Sistine chapel is not prohibited? “,” When are you a ‘common’ tourist and enter the Sistine Chapel feeling to scream continuously the guards who say ‘no photo ‘; I see that the normal rules for i Ferragnez are not worth“, Say some followers, another user writes:”No photo, no video only applies to common mortalsi, evidently ”. There are also those who say that I am unnecessary such shots for promotion much announced: “A Michelangelo does not serve the applause of the Ferragnez“.

“There Sistine Chapel needs no influencers“, There are also those who wrote a simple” is illegal Chiara !!“. But there is also who appreciates and says: “Brava Chiara, show the whole world the beauty of our beautiful Italy, in the hope that above all foreign tourism will return to enjoy the emotions that our country offers “.

Fedez responds to the attacks: “Why are you doing polenica on everything?”


Self Chiara before answering think about the attacks, Fedez no. And so here is that the rapper still wanted to leave a comment and on his twitter profile post: “But why always find a pretext for controversy on the whole? I really don’t understand. ”

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