CheBanda Report: data on the speeds of Vodafone, TIM, WindTre and Iliad –


CheBanda, the Altroconsumo app to measure browsing speed, published the scores of the main operators in April 2020.

After the recent nPerf and Speedtest surveys, the CheBanda App reported a ranking of Vodafone, TIM, WindTre and Iliad operators for the surveys carried out on iOS and Android devices from May 2019 to April 2020.

The result has been translated into a score for each operator, which according to what is stated emerges from a formula that takes into account the download and upload speed, of the online browsing quality and that of watching streaming movies.

The tests carried out with the App are of three types: you can choose for a complete test that carries out all the tests, a speed test that focuses only on downloads and uploads and a test with measurements in sequence suitable for detecting the quality of the moving connection.

Source: CheBanda, Altroconsumo

The ranking, resulting from the average of the scores obtained from May 2019 to April 2020, ranks first Vodafone with 20.150 points. The red operator is followed by TIM with 17.175 points and from WindTre with 12.465 points. Closes the ranking iliad with 11.633 points.

Here are the formulas used to calculate the score:

  • Speed = X% download speed in kbit per second + (100-X)% upload speed in Kbit per second;
  • Quality = X% video quality, or percentage of viewing without delays, + (100-X)% navigation quality, intended as the percentage of navigation without delays;
  • Total score = Speed ​​* Quality.

Vodafone commented today on 8 June 2020 the recognition of the App on the quality of its GigaNetwork:

β€œAn important recognition that rewards the quality of the Vodafone network. A result of Vodafone’s constant commitment to achieving the constant development of a reliable, powerful and cutting-edge network infrastructure. That same network that in the period of the Coronavirus emergency allowed millions of people to stay in touch and continue to work from home, get informed, study and entertain themselves, despite the exponential growth of data traffic. “

According to what was declared by the App, the surveys were carried out for connections on 3G, 4G and 5G network, where available.

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