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Simply “unacceptable”. So the League supporter Angelo Ciocca comments on what happened at the hands of a translator in the European Parliament. “Listen to what an interpreter of the European Parliament has allowed himself to say, shameful and offensive words !!! This is the climate of hatred created by the right-thinking people who accuse the League, for me it is unacceptable, it will not end here !!!”, he writes in a post on Facebook the MEP with a video attached. In the short sequence, after the chairman of the meeting in the Commission has announced the intervention of Ciocca, a voice is heard (which the MEP attributes to an interpreter) saying: “What the hell, can we say? …. ”

An exit that sent the exponent of the Carroccio furious: “The European Parliament is often described to us as a convent of nuns and friars, but the reality is very different and the offensive words spoken by the translator are unfortunately the thought of many Euroburocrats living on European citizens’ money “. And again: “Even before I took the floor – he says -, he ironized I suppose that I still wore the mask with a comment heard by whoever was listening to the translation. An even more unacceptable comment if we think of the drama that has been the victim Lombardy with deaths and infected by this terrible virus. In the past, President Sassoli considered it right to suspend me for throwing Turkish chocolate on the ground as a sign of protest. I would appreciate your intervention in this case too. I wonder what kind of selection has been made to choose this translator when on the contrary there are many Italians who could demonstrate greater professionalism and education “. Against the translator, who seems to have forgotten the open microphone, a “measure” has already been requested, so that offenses of this kind will never happen again.

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