“Chavez and Maduro? I don’t comment on the cards, but …” – Libero Quotidiano


A sharp comment, that of Gianni Riotta to Tagadà on the M5s-Venezuela affair. The journalist, guest of Tiziana Panella on La7, he says and doesn’t say. On the story he has been holding since yesterday, he says: “I am not commenting on the cards, I note that many small stars were enthusiastic about Chavez and Maduro”, he points out slyly, remembering the vicinity of parts of the M5s, Alessandro Di Battista above all, with the Venezuelan Communist dictator. In short, no comment on the cards. Yet Riotta can’t help but notice a link, a link, a certain affinity between Maduro and Chavez and the M5s. Circumstance that makes the question plausible – not true, it is repeated, but plausible -. At least according to Riotta …

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