Chaos Procure, Mattarella: “The robes recover the citizens’ credibility and trust”


Distortions and autonomies of the judiciary – “What appeared further”, after the scandal that opened a year ago within the CSM, “provides the perception of the vastness of the phenomenon then denounced; and suggests a widespread diffusion of the serious distortion that developed around the criteria and decisions of various requirements in the autonomous government of the judiciary, “he added.

Loyalty to the Constitution – “In this difficult year for the Italian judiciary, the anniversaries of magistrates who lost their lives due to their commitment fall,” recalled Mattarella. The Head of State then explained that loyalty to the Constitution “is the only loyalty required of the servants of the state. The only loyalty to which to stick and feel bound”.

Ermini: “The business robes are a shame” – “Those who barter their duty for careerist aims, those who sell off ideals for personal power, those who defile their role with business practices have only to be ashamed and apologize. They betray their function, their colleagues and the institution”. The vice-president of the CSM, David Ermini said this, always speaking at the ceremony at the Quirinale on magistrates victims of terrorism and the mafia.

The ethics of the judiciary – Addressing the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, Ermini underlined that “the ethical brutalization of the judiciary has the most tenacious and unyielding adversary in the current CSM. Countering any current waste and maintaining self-government in the wake of the Constitutional Charter it is already now and even more so in the months to come our daily harassment, in the full awareness that this is what the great majority of magistrates expect of us, “he added.

No to hero magistrates – “Nobody can ask a magistrate to be a hero”, but no judge can “scar” their memory, “muddying the credibility, prestige and honorability of the judiciary,” said Ermini.

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