Chaos in the Chamber, Sgarbi: “I report Carfagna and Bartolozzi”


The art critic then explained why he used certain words. “TO Giusi Bartolozzi, ex magistrate, I mentioned the name of Berlusconi, just to remind you that he is in Parliament thanks to the generosity of Silvio Berlusconi, the most persecuted man in Italy by a certain judiciary. That judiciary that I denounced in my speech in the Chamber and that you blindly defended, as if the scandal of Palamara’s chats was an invention. Among other things, I referred to those magistrates of the Palamara case, and not generally to the category “.

“As for the ex soubrette in chains Mara Carfagna (I know, remembering what we have been is always a tiring exercise) I repeat that preventing me from speaking and voting is a fascist act “.

Finally, turning to both, Sgarbi concluded: “But what do the two outraged on command do? an ignoble political exploitation showing themselves as victims. They evoke sexism by pretending as women, a sort of immunity from criticism, exercising, yes, a form of intimidation towards me. Therefore, view the serious defamation consumed against me on false charges, they will have to bring evidence to a court. “

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