‘Change everything!’, There is Valentina Lodovini and, against stress, a charismatic therapist


‘Change everything!’, Available exclusively on Prime Video from 18 June, tells of Giulia, 40, who lives in the hustle and bustle of a big city subjected to all kinds of stress. Every day she has to fight against everyone: a new garment without any experience and too inclined to undergo the charm of the young employees, a penniless painter and profiteer companion with a restless teenage son, a best friend taken only by herself and her imaginary loves, not to mention the damned balance that always marks the same weight despite the exhausting diet … What happens to Giulia when she leaves the study of the charismatic therapist is a real explosion and all the humiliations and anger held inside for too long they bounce outside with a hundredfold energy. But in Giulia’s life will it really be everything to change? The comedy, a Colorado Film production in collaboration with Medusa Film, is directed by Guido Chiesa and produced by Maurizio Totti and Alessandro Usai. In addition to Lodovini, the cast is composed of Libero De Rienzo, Dino Abbrescia, Andrea Pisani, Nicola Nocella, Claudio Larena, Flora Canto, Chiara Spoletini, Valeria Perri, Valentina D’Agostino with the participation of Neri Marcorè.

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