Center-right: no participation in the General States


The most optimistic assure that an agreement will also be reached on the regional ones. And the two leaders among the leaders would have focused on this goal in a few days.

The last one, with the definitive rejection of participation in the States General. Silvio Berlusconi had explicitly declared, a few hours before, his willingness to accept the Prime Minister’s invitation to the States General: “We were the first to ask that the majority and the opposition work together to bring together, in the face of the disaster, the best resources in the country “.

And the Prime Minister, it is said in the center-right circles, would have called the leader of Fratelli d’Italia to personally convince her to accept the invitation. A telephone call described long and with polite tones, but which would not have obtained any concrete result, given that the former Youth Minister would have reiterated that in his opinion the only place of confrontation between majority and opposition is Parliament. “They pay me to be a member of parliament – Meloni would have replied – not to go to the catwalks of the government”.

The approach with the League leader is colder: to Matteo Salvini. According to what leaks from the League, it seems that Conte has sent a message without speaking directly to him. And before the last summit between the three opposition parties, the hypothesis of participating only with economic managers would have flashed. Then the great refusal understood as the possible beginning of a new and more varied understanding.

But the waters are still rough on the regional front. As far as we learn, the League would have substantially accepted the nominations proposed by Fratelli d’Italia in Puglia and Marche. It is no coincidence that Giorgia Meloni has shown all her good humor: “We are at a good point, I am very optimistic that we will have the names shortly”. Salvini’s party, however, would keep the point in Campania, so as to let it be known that it had made “balanced and common sense proposals” with the aim of winning and interpreting the desire for change. A formula to reiterate the reservations about FI candidate Stefano Caldoro once again.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister With you, who works on the organization of the General States of the Economy, starting from Saturday – and no longer Friday – at Villa Pamphilj, responds to the center-right. “Villa Pamphilj is the high representative institutional seat of the Prime Minister. Inviting them there is also a gesture of attention towards them”, he underlines. For the rest, he assures, “I think I have shown that I go to Parliament on all occasions, I will also be there next week”. If they think again, it is his message, they can come to confront each other.

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