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White smoke? Not even to mention it. The center-right continues to wrap itself on the nominations for the Regionals, above all because of a Matteo Salvini who does not really send down the proposals of Fratelli d’Italia for Puglia (Raffaele Fitto) and Forza Italia for Campania (Stefano Caldoro).

The new black smoke on regional today at the center-right does not bode well. Although sources from the center-right speak of “significant steps forward” for “identifying the best team”, everything remains on the high seas. It is expected, it learns the Adnkronos, long term, not short solutions. Unless accelerations last hour, in fact, the stall, especially in key regions of Campania and Puglia, is unlikely to be exceeded under tight deadlines. So much so that there are those who bet that negotiations are intended to last for the whole weekend and beyond, I refer everything to the next week.

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Matteo Salvini wants a region of the South and, they say, claims for himself Puglia, where Giorgia Meloni is not willing to give up on her name, Raffaele Fitto. All confidential surveys indicate the Region within reach of the center-right, especially by deploying Fitto as an anti-Emiliano. And Fdi plays on this, but also on the fact that in view of its 14% it cannot be penalized in the choice of the governor candidates.

The League is not there, insists on Nuccio Altieri and does not seem to break. Hence the wall against wall that also blocks the race of the blue Stefano Caldoro in Campania. Fi, through the mouth of Antonio Tajani, does not let go of his name. Silvio Berlusconi even in these hours would have been categorical: Stefano is and remains our candidate, tell Matteo.

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