Cedric Chouviat, the French rider who died as George Floyd during a police detention


The man, a 42-year-old bellman, had been arrested on January 3 near the Eiffel Tower and immobilized on the ground. In some videos you hear him say 7 times “I’m suffocating” and the autopsy speaks of asphyxiation with “a fracture of the larynx”. The family asked President Macron to suspend the four agents involved

“I’m suffocating.” The same words as George Floyd, but this time the case comes from France and was pronounced by 42-year-old rider Cédric Chouviat, who died after a police check on 3 January in Paris. Also in this story there are some videos in which we see the man stuck on the ground by the agents and Chouviat’s family, reports Le Monde, called for the suspension of the four policemen involved.

What happened

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Cédric Chouviat, 42-year-old bell boy with 5 children, had been stopped near the Eiffel Tower for reasons that – he says Le Monde – “remain unclear”. The French newspaper, which had access to the rider’s telephone records, explains that the man discussed with the agents for about 12 minutes before being grounded with the so-called “suffocation technique”. In the videos of the investigation, Chouviat is heard saying “I am suffocating” 7 times, before losing consciousness and being taken to the hospital, where he died two days later. The autopsy – he reports Le Monde – speaks of asphyxiation with “a fracture of the larynx”.

The family asks for the agents to be suspended

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Meanwhile, Chouviat’s family, at a press conference, asked French President Emmanuel Macron to suspend the four policemen involved and to ban the techniques used by the agents that day. The attorney for two of the cops reports Le Monde, however, he said his clients did not hear the 42-year-old’s cry for help and provided first aid, but the man had heart problems.

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