Ceccardi denounces on Facebook: “Roasted a cat on the street, it is upsetting”


Campiglia Marittima (Livorno), 30 June 2020 – “An immigrant he cooked a cat roasting it in front of everyone “. It is the complaint of the MEP and candidate for the presidency of the Tuscany Region for the center-right Susanna Ceccardi. Read also: what happened in Campiglia

On Facebook post the video taken at the station in Campiglia Marittima. Where you see a man who roasts the animal while a woman searches to prevent it, insulting him. “But how can you get to such cruelty? Is this the lifestyle we should follow? ”Says the Ceccardi. “It’s an almost unreal scene for its monstrosity, but it’s good to know the truth.”

The intervention of the carabinieri

On the spot, after many reports from the citizens, the carabinieri who then identified the author as a 21-year-old foreigner: he will be reported for killing animals. The young man was then accompanied to the barracks waiting for his position on the national territory to be clarified: at the moment it would not be regular. The military intervened in the morning on Tuesday 30 June shortly before 7 following numerous calls of citizens.

Who is the boy reported

The person who cooked the cat on the street is a 23 year old. Taken to the barracks, he kept repeating: “I’m hungry”. For him there is the denunciation but not the arrest – READ THE ARTICLE

The words of Susanna Ceccardi

“We are not at the Wuhan animal market but in Tuscany – he says Ceccardi – This is not integration. This is the result of the Tuscan welcome system with which the left and the Democratic Party have created a real business, leaving thousands of immigrants landed in our country who have no interest in integrating following our basic civil rules. Without showing any sensitivity towards the animal, the immigrant continued to burn without shame the poor kitten on fire. To the people who have witnessed this scene this morning and who are still shaken by what happened, I want to express my solidarity, for the courage they have had to intervene and try to put an end to this brutality even if there is no innocent animal now it was nothing more to do. ”

The mayor: “Serious fact, I will go all the way”

“The fact that happened at the Campiglia station is very serious and to be condemned – says the mayor of Campiglia Marittima Alberta Ticciati -. After the municipal police report of Campiglia M.ma I immediately activated, I contacted the carabinieri of the night shift, intervened on the fact, to make sure that the person responsible for this crime had been identified. It is my intention to go all the way, so that events like this do not go unpunished and never happen again. ”

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