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Giulia De Lellis and Andrea Damante on the boat: ‘caught’ at that very moment, the shot ends on Instagram, that’s what the two were doing when they were punched.

Giulia De Lellis and Andrea Damante on the boat: just caught ‘this’, here is the shot published on the former tronista’s Instagram profile

Giulia De Lellis is Andrea Damante they came back together a few months ago, during the emergency quarantine Coronavirus, and since then they are truly inseparable. Theirs backfire made millions of fans dream of Men and women, who have always hoped for the return of the ‘Damellis’, both beloved by the public, both individually and in pairs. The love between Giulia and Andrea has overcome many obstacles, including that of betrayal, of which the former suitor speaks in her book ‘The horns are fine on everything – But I was better off without’, which was a crazy editorial success. Today the couple is happy and in love and also shows it on social media, with truly unmissable photos and videos. A little while ago, for example, Andrea posted on his Instagram profile a shot that someone took, in which he and Giulia were ‘Caught’ right in a particular momenthere is what it is about in detail!

Giulia De Lellis and Andrea Damante on the boat: ‘caught’ right then, that’s what they were doing

The flashback between Giulia De Lellis is Andrea Damante it is undoubtedly one of the news that ignited the gossip during the quarantine due to the emergency Coronavirus. The couple recovered after years of separation and the fans could not be happier for this new beginning, which seems to be proceeding in the best way, as can also be seen from social media, where both are particularly active. Lately, for example, the couple announced on Instagram a new arrival at home, that of little Tommaso, a dog loved by both, to whom a social profile has also been made. Also on Instagram Giulia and Andrea publish moments of their daily lives, including unmissable curtains for couples. A little while ago, however, a profile appeared on Damante’s profile new shot in which the two were filmed in a ‘Particular’ moment on a boat. Someone, in fact, ‘caught’ Andrea while giving a kiss on the lower back of his fiancée, while the latter was lying in the sun. A ‘stolen’ shot, which the DJ then decided to publish on Instagram, complete with a sweet caption: “That’s love”, he wrote, accompanying his words with a heart.

Andrea Damante post Instagram
Andrea Damante and Giulia De Lellis, here is the photo published on Instagram in which he kisses her directly on his B side

Needless to say, it is click it literally drove the fans crazy, who rushed to put like and comment on the couple’s photo again happy is serena as in the past.

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