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“Category 5” is an American TV movie from 2014 which, 6 years after its publication in the USA, is finally about to land on Italian TV. The title refers directly to what is the main theme of the film, namely a category 5 hurricane, the most violent and dangerous.

It is no coincidence that the film was produced precisely in the United States of America, a place where hurricanes are not a distant enemy and only heard of, but a periodic threat and against which it is difficult to fight. The lack of film publishing and the fact that it dealt with what is mainly an American problem made the film quite difficult to export, and this is perhaps why it had to wait 6 years before arriving here in Italy.

The cast of Category 5

The film is directed by Rob King and written by E. M. McCoy, while the cast includes: Burt Reynolds, C. Thomas Howell, Lisa Sheridan, Matthew Boylan, Oscar Gale, Ana Maria Estrada and other actors. This is Reynolds’ penultimate television work filmed before his death in 2018. The music was curated by Kennard Ramsey, while the main producer of the work was Christopher Sean Brown.

The plot of Category 5

After losing her family as a child due to Hurricane Katrina, the young Victoria decides to study journalism and meteorology so as to have all the means to help people during other possible catastrophes. During her studies, Victoria discovers that the impending hurricane Caroline could reach level 5, that is, become a far worse disaster than Katrina. The girl then goes to Mississipi to warn the locals; the most difficult goal to achieve will, however, be to convince his own grandfather to leave his home before it is too late …

How to watch it

“Category 5” will air first night on June 1, 2020, on Channel 5. The film is not available for streaming on any platform. Below is the trailer.

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