Catania, blitz in the largest Sicilian landfill: five arrests for waste traffic


Blitz of the finance guard in the largest Sicilian landfill, that of Lentini, in the province of Syracuse. Sicula Trasporti, owned by the Leonardi family, is overwhelmed by arrests and investigations and manages the landfill that collects the waste from 300 municipalities. Criminal association aimed at the illicit trafficking of waste, fraud in public supplies, continued corruption and disclosure of official secrecy as well as for external competition in association of the mafia type: these are the charges. The owner of the company, Antonello Leonardi (called Nino), the king of waste, ends up in prison. The Leonardi family is also the owner of Sicula Leonzio, the football team that plays in the Serie C championship. Sicula Trasporti is considered a giant in waste management.At dawn the operation of the military of the provincial command of the Guardia di Finanza of Catania, in collaboration with the central organized crime investigation service (Scico) and with the support of the Messina Air-Naval Group, delegated by the Etna District Prosecutor. Nine people are under investigation in various capacities: two, including Leonardi, are in prison, three under house arrest and four subjected to the cumulative measures of the obligation to submit to the judicial and residence police. Filadelfo Amarindo, also known as “Delfo”, 68, ends up in prison as an employee of Sicula Trasporti. Under house arrest Salvatore Leonardi, 47 years old, Antonino’s brother, as a partner of Sicula Trasporti srl and Gesac srl. Subjected to the mandatory reporting measures to the police and residence police Pietro Francesco Nicotra 36 years, as head of the composting plant of Grotte San Giorgio in Catania from which also came part of the waste then illegally transferred to landfills and Francesco ZappalĂ  52 years , in his capacity as head of the biological mechanical treatment plant from which the illegally transferred waste ‘as it is’ originated in landfills originated.
Recipients of the precautionary measures of the obligation to submit to the judicial and residence police also the brothers Francesco 49 years and Nicola Guercio 59 years in their capacity as administrators by right and de facto of “Edile Sud srl”. Vincenzo Liuzzo, 57 years old, corrupt public official, as manager of the simple operational unit of ARPA Sicilia (Syracuse territorial office), in charge of environmental controls and monitoring, belongs to public administrative control bodies, recipients of the measure of house arrest; Salvatore Pecora 63 years as a public service officer, technical instructor employed at the Free Municipal Consortium of Syracuse, in charge of controlling waste management.The facts contested by the suspects are connected to the illegal conduct of the Lentini landfill (province of Syracuse), the largest in Sicily, and concern the “pressure” exerted by members of the mafia clan Nardo aimed at obtaining the assignment of a kiosk. bar inside the stadium of the football team. Preventive seizures carried out by the Leonardi Group companies for a total of 116 million euros.

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