Case George Floyd, three killed in clashes in Louisville and Davenport


Chronicle – Demonstrations across the United States with thousands of people arrested, including the daughter of the mayor of New York

Minneapolis - Protests against police after George Floyd's death

Minneapolis – Protests against police after George Floyd’s death

Louisville – Curfew in Washington and 40 other cities, thousands of arrests, one death in Louisville (Kentucky) and two in Davenport (Iowa). The daughter of the mayor of New York was also among the police arrested. It is the report, reported by Tgcom, of the last hours of clashes in the United States following the death of George Floyd, the African American who died last Monday, while he was arrested by a police officer.

In Davenport, during the protests, two people were killed and a police officer was injured after suffering a gunshot ambush. Local police chief Paul Sikorski said so.

One also died in Louisville, where the police and the national guard would fire at night to disperse the crowd. No details were provided on the victim’s identity.

According to American media, also cited by Tgcom, more than 2,500 arrests were made during the clashes and protests over the weekend in various cities of America. In New York on Saturday evening Chiara de Blasio, the 25 year old daughter of Mayor Bill, also ended up in handcuffs.

June 1, 2020

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