Case Floyd, the 911 switchboard operator called the superiors: “4 of them sat on him”


The ringing voice is from a 911 emergency service worker. She has just seen police officers forcefully block George Floyd, the 46-year-old African American whose death resulted in demonstrations worldwide, on a screen. He decides to call the supervisor of the police officers to inform him of what is happening. The phone call, the audio of which was published by the news site Buzzfeed, lasts just under a minute. But it’s enough time for the alarm to go off.

You can call me a spy if you want» – The audio of the phone call

Yet, as the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the supervisor takes 14 minutes to arrive on the scene: too much to avoid Floyd’s death. On the phone he replies that it is simply a takedown», or a move used to knock someone out, and therefore is not among the cases of violent actions for which the police are usually required to notify the department.

“No problem,” replies the emergency service officer. “We never see it, so when it happens we think wuh, uh – something a little different is happening!”. But the most revealing phrase the woman says at the beginning: “You can call me a spy if you want, but we have the cameras on […] they all sat on this man, I don’t know if it’s necessary or not, but for the moment they haven’t told me anything. ”

The agent therefore feels the need to justify himself for the report. A detail that betrays how difficult it can be to report such incidents from “inside”. But the phone call spread by Buzzfeed It also raises new questions regarding the supervisor’s responsibilities, now that the four policemen have already been suspended and will have to answer before justice for their actions.

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