Casapound, 8 employees of the Municipality, Region and Ministry of the Treasury reside in the seized office (in ‘housing emergency’)


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At least four years of water bills “erroneously” sent to the address of Ministry of Education. A judgment of storage of the first complaint because “the public property was not actually intended for the exercise of institutional functions“. And half of the registered occupants, who declare themselves “in a housing emergency”, are actually civil servants who also receive wages “ordinary“, While a part of the rest work in a well-known Roman restaurant owned by the wife of Gianluca Iannone. Thanks to a whole host of randomness, hitches and omissions the “big family” of CasaPound since 2003 he has resisted within the prestigious building of via Napoleone III, now owned by the State Property Agency (and therefore by the Ministry of Economy and Finance). In the information of the finance guard delivered in 2019 to Court of Auditors – on the basis of which the accounting magistrates contest a tax damage of 4.6 million euros – you can read the 17-year-old excursus of one of the occupations Squatter longer-lived among the 78 in the capital. Occupation undermined, for the first time, by the preventive seizure decree issued by the investigating magistrate of Rome in connection with the prosecutor’s investigation for criminal association aimed at racial instigation.

Employees of the MEF and those of the Municipality and Region – The finance guard handed over to the Attorney General of the Court of Auditors, Andrea Lupi, a list of 16 names. Among these are two employees of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, owner of the property. The first, D.D.G., is a 41 year old woman employed at the Central management of information systems and innovation, which between 2014 and 2017 declared a taxable income in Latina of around 17 thousand; the second S.G., on the other hand, is another 41-year-old, who works at the State Accounting Office but who in 2017 declared only 11 thousand euros of income. There is also F.C., employee of the Policlinico Gemini of Rome and an average annual salary of 20 thousand euros.

Then there are the employees of Lazio region is Municipality of Rome. D.N., 54-year-old employee of LazioCrea Spa, with 19 thousand euros of taxable income, is married to E.C., employee of the municipalized capitoline Zetema, 17 thousand euros of income. Always in Zetema M.C. works, 17 thousand euros per year. Sabrina Properzi, on the other hand, is an employee Cotral, the transport company of the Lazio Region. In 2016 she was nominated for the Municipality of Rome in the list of the arrow turtle: declares an average of 27 thousand euros a year, a thousand euros more than husband, who always works in Cotral. Direct employee of the Municipality of Rome instead, it is S.C., with an average annual taxable salary of around € 22,000.

The case of Acea bills sent to the ministry – Ordinary salaries from normal employees they become gods fair wages when there is no mortgage, rent and bills to be paid. “If they want to make themotionless, we are willing to pay a fee, obviously calmierato“Said the spokesman for Casapound, Simone Di Stefano, during the point with i reporters. Until 2014, actually, there were utilities intestate to movement. Then the law 47/2014 took over (decree Lupi) which he forbade occupantsamong other things, to have electricity and water services. But with Acea something strange happens. There multiutility on June 8, 2004, Capitoline received a request from Miur (then owner of the property) to interrupt dispensing. Acea blocks the billing, but not the supply, because “to close it the technicians would have had to intervene inside the stable, exposing them to risk safety“. But from September 28 something even more has happened strange: “With the transition to the new IT system of billing – reads – were wrongly issued bills charged to Miur, owner of the supply“. Among these, one of the amount of € 238.93 appears to have even been paid by ministry, perhaps by mistake, on December 14, 2018.

The first complaint of 2004 and the filing of the judge – The prosecutor’s investigation Eugenio Albamonte it is not the first relating to the building of theEsquilino. And the story is well reconstructed by the financiers. The first complaint was made by an official from the Ministry of Education in 2003, the “demonstration and temporary” entry into the building of the then a few weeks CasaMontag. A lawsuit entrusted to the carabinieri of Dante square. The sentence “not to proceed” was pronounced four years later, on October 2, 2007, by the judge Valeria Ciampelli. The act describes the defect in form. At the time of occupation thebuilding was not intended “for the exercise of functions institutional of the public body “: therefore, a plaintiff was required by the Miur, making the “office procedure”Started. In reality, the complaint had been made, and an official from the Ministry had presented it. Which, however, was “lacking in attorney in this sense”. Translated: it is as if it had been a complaint citizen common. Result: the leaders of Casapound all acquitted.

But there is also another aspect. THE financiers also contest to Miur and allState Property Agency the fact that it did not exist part civil at the trial. The ministry defended itself by saying that “it had not come to the knowledge of the outcome of the method“, Despite the notices of the Prosecutor attached to theinformation. The direction of viale Trastevere he also believed that “the occupation of the property did not harm the Miur“As it would have provided for a”optimization of spaces “. Not only. Also officials of the same State Property would have been uninterested in question, claiming to “not know the identity of the occupants”, Despite the flyers and flags of Casapound and the giant sign with fascist style font for 16 years it remained glued to the wall of the building in via Napoleon III.

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