Carpiti over 1 mln Tim data, arrests – Last Hour


(ANSA) – ROME, JUNE 26 – Twenty precautionary measures (13 ai
domiciliary and 7 obligation) issued by the investigating magistrate of Rome
even of Tim’s unfaithful employees who illegally stole
sensitive customer data. It is about one million and 200
thousand data collected per year. The investigation started with a complaint
of Tim. Also involved “intermediaries” that dealt with
manage the illicit trade in information extracted from
date banks and telephone call center owners who
they used information to contact potential customers and
profit the expected commissions for each portability of the number
which go up to € 400 for each contract entered into. Tim,
in a note, he thanked “the Judicial Authority and the
State Police – Postal and Communications Police – for
have successfully completed the investigation into the
abusive disclosure and trade of personal data and numbers
customer telephone numbers “.


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