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Florence, 25 June 2020 – In the last few days, the military of the Provincial Command of the Guard of Finance of Florence, at the end of a complex investigation which allowed to ascertain one fraud fiscal “Carousel” to VAT, have seized assets for 6.5 million euros in execution of the order of the investigating magistrate of Florence at the request of the substitute prosecutor Fabio Di Vizio.

The measure is borne by a Florentine company operating in the marketing of hi-tech equipment (PCs, tablets, memories, software, …), by two managing partners and by a third party. The activity, developed in Tuscany, Emilia Romagna and Lombardy, allowed to seize two apartments as well as over 400 thousand euros between current account balances, cash, company shares and large-displacement vehicles.

The investigation was born from a tax audit carried out by the Yellow Flames of the Lieutenancy of Borgo San Lorenzo and allowed to note that the company, over several years, took part in a wider VAT evasion mechanism with intra-European purchases of goods for over 30 million euros; in commercial relations with EU suppliers, 9 companies based in Rome, Milan and Naples intervened, which did not fulfill their tax payment obligations and which, variously, were completely non-existent, dedicated to others or represented by parties of made unrelated to management. In one case, the company was administered by a person who was in prison.

The assets were in the countries of origin, in particular Poland, Holland, Hungary, Romania, Cyprus and the Czech Republic, partly also through additional “filter” companies based in Lombardy, Veneto and Lazio and the searches carried out during the investigation they made it possible to find and seize a considerable amount of documentation as well as computer data relating to commercial transactions, the financial items of which were often settled on foreign current accounts.

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