Carl Reiner, the actor friend of Mel Brooks died


Farewell to Carl Reiner. The comedian, screenwriter, TV producer, director, playwright and writer from the Bronx in New York who died at his 98 home in Beverly Hills from natural causes. Carl Reiner, father of actor Rob Reiner, was born on March 20, 1922 and has won nine Emmys in a 70-year career. His biggest hit was The Dick Van Dyke Show, the 158-episode sitcom streamed for the first time over five seasons from 1961 to 1966. The Dick Van Dyke Show focused on the story of Rob Petrie, writer of a TV show produced in Manhattan. Reiner was married to Estelle Lebold Reiner, singer and actress who also starred with Meg Ryan in Harry, introduce you to Sally… (1989) in one of the most famous scenes in the film and in the history of cinema, that is when the protagonist simulates an orgasm in the restaurant and she asks the waiter what the young lady took.


In the sixties Carl Reiner also met Mel Brooks: a long friendship was born, which also resulted in a comedy made of sketch by The 2000 Year Old Man. The Dick Van Dyke Show focused on the affairs, mostly domestic, of Rob Petrie, writer of a television show produced in Manhattan. Actually played by Dick Van Dyke, Mary Tyler Moore and the little Larry Mathews, you risk not being renewed after the first season but then met with considerable success

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