Cardiologist recommends completing the activity rings


The Apple Watch is already under control when we move, when we train and how often we stand still in a day. But among these three rings, it is the green one (training ring) that is most important, at least according to cardiologist Brian Lima.

Speaking with Well + Good, Dr. Lima points out that by filling the training ring we help our body. Regular exercise, in fact, is something that the American Heart Association recognizes as vital, because it is one of the 7 simple measures to be taken to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Although Dr. Lima says that “moving and standing are also important“, Physical exercise is the only one that is specifically indicated as a fundamental part to ensure that our hearts remain healthy. And if there is a part of our body that we should take care of it is certainly the heart.

So what are you still waiting for here? Run to complete your activity rings!

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