Cardinal of Rome, tenth salary dates – Last Hour


(ANSA) – ROME, JUNE 24 – “Helping economically and
materially the families fallen into poverty “: this is the appeal
launched by the cardinal vicar of Rome, Angelo De Donatis,
in the Lateran meeting with the parish priests and the operators
pastoral. De Donatis asks who “hasn’t had his own
income affected by the crisis “to do something for families
who are in difficulty and among the proposals launches that of
make available to solidarity “the tithe of the

“In the Caritas 2019 report, it emerged that many families
young people with more than two children are at risk of poverty. It is not
possible – stressed De Donatis – admit this! There
Church and society as a whole must take families and heart to heart
put them at the center of social solidarity “.


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