Car tires, new standards for classification


In Italy there are changes in sight as regards car tires, in fact, with the publication in the European Official Journal, the new standards for the classification of tires and the related energy labeling have become mandatory.

These will help consumers find the product that best suits their needs. All the news, which will start from May 2021, are included in the EU regulation 2020/740, which amends the EU regulation 2017/1369 and replaces the EC regulation 1222/2009. To date, only 3 indications are given on the parameters considered fundamental: external noise, fuel consumption efficiency and braking on wet surfaces.

Starting from May 1, 2021, however, the option of a will arrive in the world of car tires pictogram for snow and / or ice next to the noise one. The addition of the symbol for winter tires (subject to mandatory change before the start of the summer season) allows you to fully understand the grip of the tires on snow and ice. The values ​​shown on the label will be the minimum obtained from tests carried out on the basis of regulation No. 117 Unece (for snow) and the ISO 19447 standard (for ice).

Another novelty, which will also start from May 1, 2021, consists of the variation in the classification of rolling resistance and braking on wet surfaces, 5 letters from A to E will be used and no more 7, considering that from 2018 the sale of tires with letter F is forbidden.The new energy label will also be mandatory on retreaded tires, tires of heavy vehicles will be exempt instead.
Future innovations are the result of the new rules approved by the European Parliament, which among other things should increase the turnover of the sector in question by a good 9 billion and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 10 million tons.

The main objective of the new labeling is above all to push consumers to purchase low-consumption tires. In fact, according to the estimates of the European Commission, the fuel use of our cars is 20-30% dependent on the tires. By using less petrol, we can save 2.8 billion a year. Furthermore, the more efficient tires pollute less so, in addition to the wallet, the environment will also benefit. The new classification standards will also serve to choose more adherent tires in the wet, consequently less noisy and safer.

As we all know, car tires must be changed every year on April 15th (with a grace period until May 15th). Due to the lockdown for the Coronavirus epidemic, the deadline has been extended to 15 June, so tomorrow is the last day to be able to change tires.

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