Car reliability: here is the ranking of car manufacturers. Last places for Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Lancia


The auto market is certainly not doing well because of the COVID-19. Sales have plummeted and the pandemic is putting new registrations at risk both on new cars and on used cars. An important reduction in the numbers that are certainly bringing an industry that had seen golden times over the past few months to its knees. Just with the reduction of sales and registrations It is clear that users who want to buy a car today go to choose the one that not only pleases them the most due to their aesthetic taste but above all allows them to have the right relationship between price and quality.
So here it is Altroconsumo has decided to draw up a ranking that takes into account the reliability of car manufacturers. A ranking that takes into consideration whether the car in question has problems, how many times it has been brought by the mechanic and how much the user is therefore satisfied with the purchase and therefore with the choice made for that brand. On the basis of the answers, Altroconsumo, has created the ranking with a vote that differs by ”Reliability” and for ”Satisfaction” with minimum marks of 91 for the first and 81 for the second.

Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Lancia at the bottom of Altroconsumo’s ranking

Looking at the ranking, you immediately notice that Italian car manufacturers do not seem to have significant user satisfaction. Fiat, Alfa Romeo but also Lancia are in fact among the last places of the ranking where instead brands like Lexus, Porsche but also Toyota and Daihatsu reach the podium. So in the first places there are Honda group and Volkswagen group which in this case receive satisfaction among users as well as reliability.

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As for the last places therefore in the ranking we find Alfa Romeo which scores 88 for reliability and 83 for satisfaction. There is also next to her Land Rover and surprisingly too Tesla which gets a score of 88 for reliability and 93 for satisfaction. Fiat reaches the fourth last place with respectively 89 and only 77 for reliability and satisfaction as well as also Lancia (89 and 78).
The most famous brands like Volkswagen they get values ​​of 91 and 82. The rest like Ford (91 and 81), BMW (93 and 86) therefore Audi (94 and 85) and more Mercedes-Benz (91 and 85).

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