Capcom has renewed the brand once again –


Capcom has renewed for the umpteenth time the brand name of Deep Down, one of the most sensational vaporware of the current generation of consoles. Many of the votes will remember that Deep Down was one of the titles with which PS4 was presented. It was supposed to be an action role-playing game with procedurally generated dungeons, but with jaw-splitting graphics. Unfortunately he never saw the light of day.

Recently it emerged that Deep Down was actually frozen, although some hoped it was recycled for SS5 and despite producer Yoshinori Ono stating late last year that the development team didn’t completely abandon him.

On 19 June 2020 Capcom renewed the brand again. This does not necessarily mean that development has resumed or will be ended. More likely the Japanese publisher simply wants protect. The last time the Deep Down brand was renewed for two years in 2018, but since then nothing has moved about the game, at least publicly.

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