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A voice, which turns with increasing insistence, on the (political) future of Giuseppe Conte. Yes, even the Prime Minister is aware of the fact that his government is unlikely to go on for long: too many obstacles, too many pitfalls even in the majority, starting from Italia Viva di Matteo Renzi and up to currents of the M5s. In short, he might not eat panettone. And in this context, also relaunched by Time, a rumor makes its way: the alleged people’s lawyer mayor of Rome? This is the last temptation in the majority that supports his government. A sort of “offer” to make him give up at the right moment and push him to leave Palazzo Chigi.

However, the consent of the premier in the polls stay tall. He continues to see himself engaged in politics. And since both Conte and his majority know that the impending economic crisis cannot be tackled by such a polarizing figure, here comes the hypothesis-Capitol, for which the capital will find itself voting in just over a year. A exit strategy luxury, for Conte but also for the parties that support it. In addition, the name of Conte could be spent on a possible agreement for the municipal capitoline between M5s and Pd, whose goal is to curb the center-right, which has been favored to date. And yet, the prime minister candidate for the Capitol would allow the M5s to “get rid of” Virginia Raggi and the hypothesis that he is applying again. Incidentally, the rumor was confirmed by some grilline sources consulted by The weather. The project, however, is still all to be written and planned.

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