Can the Revenue Agency attach a prepaid card?


Are the money deposited on a prepaid card protected from tax controls or can the Revenue Agency seize sums of money? Does the owner of PostePay, Paypal or other prepaid cards have to fear the credit foreclosure by his creditors? Are the operations and movements that the holder of the prepaid card subject to tax and tax registration checks?

In the previous article “When do the tax authorities of the Revenue Agency take action?” we have provided information on the circumstances that alert the attention of the Tax Authority. Now let’s check if the Revenue Agency can attach a prepaid card or if the money on deposit is safe. And above all, we will evaluate the possible convenience of an anonymous prepaid card which does not include the name of the holder.

Can the Revenue Agency attach a prepaid card?

We have no good news for the prepaid card holder. Creditors can in fact proceed to the attachment of the sums of money present on the card. Creditors could obviously also include the Revenue Agency to claim the collection of missing payments. The taxpayers know that in the event of non-payment of the tax bills, the Tax Authority sends a reminder to settle the debt. After 60 days, if the debts remain, he proceeds to the direct withdrawal of the money from the current account of the bad payer.

In the case of prepaid cards with or without Iban, any creditor has the right to request the attachment and request the resolution of the debt situation. We therefore proceed to freeze the sums that appear on the credit of the card to satisfy the creditor.

Unlike the case of anonymous prepaid cards that do not allow to trace the identity of the owner. The front of the anonymous prepaid cards does not in fact report the personal data of the holder. Furthermore, these cards are disposable in the sense that they are purchased with a pre-established amount already present in credit. When you spend the full amount of the top-up, you must discard the anonymous prepaid card that can no longer be used as a payment instrument.

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