Can and Sanem grilled


The adventures of the protagonists of the Turkish soap “DayDreamer -le Ali del Sogno” broadcast on Canale 5 from 2.30 pm are becoming more and more exciting. Let’s see what will happen in today’s episode Monday 22 June

In the episode of today we see that after the various sabotage attempts from Sanem, Can he still managed to grab the model. Can and Sanem are at short irons and the return trip becomes a nightmare. Parents of Sanem, Mevkibe and Nihat they find out that their daughter has paid their debt. Can is working on two projects, one of which is important for Matin, your dear friend.

Can and Sanem at loggerheads go away


Can despite i sabotage attempts by Sanem manages to secure the collaboration of the model Arzu.

There jealousy Sanem, in fact, when he sees that the model is very attracted to his field does everything to prevent the two spend del tempo together. He invents it all to hinder questsor, in fact, during the service one is also registered footboard that is not well understood sand it was involuntary, and also an attempt poisoning: with a strawberry-based drink of which the model is allergic. Sanem when she is alone with Can pushes him away by telling him that he must have cmost appropriate behaviors towards it.

At that point Can di remains very bad and decides that from now on he will be only his boss.

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Sanem reveals to his parents that he has paid their debt

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Parents of Can, Mevkibe and Niha, they want to sell the shop to pay off their debts but once they have the money, they realize that the debt no longer exists: it has been extinguished. Sanem she can no longer remain silent and reveals to her that it was her to pay using his salary: he will pay in installments.

Everything solved? Not so, it would seem that the new owner of the Leyla shop, will ask for more money for rbuy the shop. What will happen? It will be a happy ending

The new projects of Fikri Harika


Meanwhile to Fikri Harika there is an air of novelty: the agency is preparing to field new projects. One of them sees the Fikri grab the advertising campaign of an important one cosmetic company: Can will have to convince his he realized he was the right person who can do this. It is therefore expected that an inspection will take place at Fikri. Meanwhile the Divit promised his help to a his friend, Metin, who wants to organize one countryside in favor of working women, for an association in need of help.

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