Campi Nou is simply brilliant. I don’t know who invented it and I apologize, but a lot of creativity is needed for such a thing and creativity must be rewarded.

therefore, Campi Nou will do it. Now there is also a rough date for building the stadium in the Piana, the 2024. But for good luck don’t send plastic or rendering to Nardella.

Four years, a reasonable time in a year for the various bureaucracy and three for the actual construction. Tight times as Rocco wants, but it can be done if everyone starts rowing in the same direction. IS Thanks a lot

Even this, but not only this, the mayor of Campi Emiliano Fossi said yesterday morning “If I were the good time” and the CEO of Fiorentina, Giuseppe Barone called Joe. This is how the first meeting between the municipal administration and Fiorentina after the signing of the option on the area of the Casini family occurred just a week ago. For Joe Barone it was mainly a question of understanding in general the administrative process of the practice at the municipal level, the concrete possibilities for the construction of roads and infrastructures, the relationship and the bonds of the area with the airport structures. The mayor, with realism, explained to Joe the road that the municipality of Campi intends to take and how he plans to resolve certain critical issues that still exist. A team of professionals, also from Fiorentina, has already been at work for some time. It is clear that at this stage only a pragmatic realism is needed, Rocco wants to know in clear terms the expense and time needed to build the work he has in mind. But it is equally clear that the choice on Campi is made, Rocco wants the Metropolitan Stadium (not surprisingly the other day he talked about Giants Stadium) and objectively, looking to the future, it is the most logical choice. It is true that last Saturday Rocco the Franks hypothesis was also left open with a new law, or other areas in the city (Hippodrome?), but it took little to understand that the path of restructuring the old town hall as he would like it to be and will remain impracticable. What we had learned from Roman circles of politics and we anticipated in the intervention of last Tuesday in this online newspaper of ours, Rocco clearly knew it certainly before us. Moral? If an amendment were included in the Decree to streamline the procedure for the restructuring of the stadiums protected by the Superintendency, it will certainly not be what Nardella hoped for. And if we interpret well the words of the mayor of Florence said just yesterday morning “I don’t know if the decree will allow me to do what I would like to do for the stadium and airport”, they seem an acknowledgment.

To us it turns out, except sensational backsides that in politics should not surprise us, that the complete green light to the bulldozers will not be given, some important constraints will remain, willingly or unwillingly, the Franks represents something historic worldwide for architecture and plant engineering sporty, it is studied in university books, and it will remain so. And then impossible or almost impossible to think of selling the Franks as Rocco would have liked, but it is also difficult to use other laws such as that of the 99 years of concession. In short, if the 40% of the demolitions of which the superintendent Pessina spoke long ago, should become the 60 (exaggeration for access), they would still not be such as to allow what a football club needs today for budgetary and turnover reasons .

This explains the obvious accelerated on Courts and, of course, it was not just a move to flush out and speed up the city of Florence as someone thinks, common that by now the time and the train have already lost it with Mercafir and in one cul de sac he slipped alone.

Rocco pulls straight, was not even impressed by the threats of harsh legal interventions at all levels of the airport managing director to prevent the construction of the stadium in Campi, even if then partially corrected with “airport and stadium together”, and he did not even mind to the verbal barrage. As a “loose dog” as he is, Rocco wants to flush out politics and drop the mask on anyone who might think of playing a double game. Because if it is easy to “be with Rocco”, perhaps it is more difficult to prove it.

Precisely for this, precisely because it is It is true that Florence and the Piana cannot do without the airport (of course), but neither can the stadium and Rocco’s millionaire investment, it’s time to row everyone in the same direction, especially since all administrators are almost of the same political stock. Rocco wants the facts, but Florence also wants them. The Region should begin to think in this light fast fast fast and, I insist, the mayor of the metropolitan city Nardella should lead a great deal of homogenization of the Plain with the stadium, in the common interest. Those who think in parochial terms are losers, I have said it many times.

In any case look forward to Rome. Maybe for corridor games or for “I make you pass this, you make me pass this other” the impossible could still happen, and in any case the waiting time is short. The simplification decree could see the light in less than twenty days.

On hold let’s talk about footballwhich we like much more. Yesterday, as if Belotti’s grandmother were not enough, someone wanted to bring the DS to Florence from Rome Petrachi, both Taurus heart. A kind of new entry in the Pradè team. We have found no trace of this story and perhaps we are not good at finding it. Pradè already has its market team, as it will remain. By the way, Angeloni is the head of the youth sector and for the Primavera bench in pole positions there Aquilani. But the official decision will only come in a few weeks.

in the meantime Iachini intensified his training and the group responded well. Ribery has a mad desire and not only does he arrive at the Campini before dawn, he has already told the coach to feel very ready to start from the beginning, the running-in is over and the three months of stop have brought him back to the level of the others. So against Brescia Ribery will be the owner probably behind the spikes or with a Christmas tree, he and Chiesa behind Vlahovic or Cutrone.



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