The confirmation comes via internet, during the conference that sees the protagonist Rocco Commisso on the day of his first year as a purple president. “We purchased an option for the fields of Campi Bisenzio, an area of ​​36 hectares where the new stadium could be built, a 10,000-seat parking lot and commercial areas. We will soon be working on a project idea “. From the United States the words of the purple president mark the overtaking of the extra-municipal hypothesis with respect to Franks, on which however the Italian American does not close completely.

Sure, Commisso is the first conscious of the obstacles that loom on the horizon, whether it’s going to Campi or staying on the Campo di Marte, but its resolve has not changed. The problem, if anything, is that the opinion of the Superintendency has not changed either, which on Franchi does not endorse what Commisso he had already thought after his arrival. The idea of ​​completely rebuilding the old town of Florence remains so suspended, between an amendment that will have to pass in any case and a Campi option that is increasingly concrete today.

If for what happened a Bagno a Ripoli the words of Commisso are made of thanks it is with regard to the stage that the dialogue with the Superintendency is interrupted, because in reference to the ability of the United States to review its rules there is all the position of the owner violates anything willing to put money on a restructuring of the Franks that is decided by others, and under constraints artistic difficult to understand for the same fans who attend the stadium.

Within these two streets, Commisso finds a way to tell its truth about Mercafir (costs skyrocketed and uncertainties about the times) and does not exclude that the city can indicate other areas (the Cascine) but he also knows that continuing to speculate means above all losing time. Also for this reason it is to be imagined that the next steps are above all aimed at understanding the possible scenarios of coexistence between a new stadium in Campi Bisenzio and a renewed runway at Peretola airportwhile for the game Franks it is up to policy make it less abstract the opportunity to satisfy Commisso also on the curves of the Franks.

The rest is the story that Fiorentina will write on the field in the next 12 games. Very few references to the market, none on Church, and conditional trust to that technician Iachini back from virus infection, this is the address of Commisso that holds everyone rightly on the rope in view of a completely new season finale. “Don’t make jokes” the president says from America, also because even before dreaming of a great future with a new stadium, it will be good to take shelter from unpleasant championship finals in the lower areas of the standings.



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