Camorra, Ros maxi blitz in Naples: three brothers of Senator Cesaro arrested


There are also the three brothers of the Forza Italia senator Luigi Cesaro in the investigation conducted by the Carabinieri del Ros on the ramifications of the Camorra clans Puca, Verde and Ranucci, active in the Sant’Antimo area, in the northern suburbs of Naples. The military is carrying out a precautionary measure against 59 suspects accused of numerous crimes including mafia association, external competition, electoral corruption, extortion and disturbed freedom of enchantments. The measure of house arrest was carried out against Aniello and Raffale Cesaro, both already involved in another investigation into alleged collusion with the Camorra. Instead, a third brother goes to prison, Antimo, patron of the Igea analysis center in Sant’Antimo.


Camorra, operation in the Neapolitan area: 59 arrests and kidnapping of 80 million

The Prosecutor investigates for external competition in the Camorra association. Il Molino company seized. The investigation is conducted by pm Giuseppina Loreto is Antonella Serio, the orders are signed by the judge Tommaso Miranda. Il Molino shopping center company ended up under seizure.

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