Camorra, brother of the repentant killed on the street in San Giorgio a Cremano


Ambush in broad daylight against the brother of a repentant. Gunshots in the Neapolitan to kill Raffaele Gallo, 56, who was released from prison recently after spending sixteen years there.The victim was riding a scooter when the killers fired. At least eight shots. Six hit Gallo, who had a history of mafia crime and other crimes.
The target of the assassins was the brother of the repentant Giovanni, the man who accused a boss and some of his accomplices of a deadly ambush in 2011 in which Luigi Formicola (target of the command) were killed and the mechanic Vincenzo Liguori, father of the journalist of the Morning Mary, innocent victim of the Camorra hit in the heart by a stray bullet while he was repairing a scooter inside his workshop.

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